Hughton pooh-poohs Beckford speculation and backs Great Dane after father’s illness.

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Beckford: No moves from NUFC.
Beckford: No moves from NUFC.
Quiet man turned motormouth, Chris Hughton, has calmed speculation on a Newcastle United move for Jermaine Beckford in January, and expressed confidence that the recently troubled Peter Løvenkrands will return to form.

Speaking of the 25 year old Leeds goal machine, Hughton said:

“It’s obvious that we will be mentioned with players like Jermaine – we have been linked with him before and he’s a good player, but the answer is no.

“There certainly hasn’t been anything from our side or any contact with Leeds from us. There are a lot of other names that will be mentioned with us before January but Jermaine Beckford is not someone who we’ve made any contact about.

“There is nothing concrete on that at the moment.”

Beckford was originally a part of the Chelsea youth squad until he was released in 2003. Since that time, he has been on the radar of quite a few clubs, but only Harrow and Wealdstone, and later. Leeds United have ever backed this up and actually signed the Ealing born hitman. He is certainly not a young hotshot who has suddenly exploded on to the scene out of nowhere. Despite a somewhat prolific record of scoring in the lower leagues, teams at the top level have given him quite a wide berth, and it may be wise not to overestimate his abilty against a higher standard of competition.

Moving on to Løvenkrands though, who has taken a back seat recently due to the illness of his father, Hughton spoke of the support he has been receiving from the club through some difficult times. He remarked:

“Of course we will support Peter through that, he is a very important member of our squad.”

“The reason that we brought Peter in was because of what he had done for us last season.

“We knew when we brought him in that he hadn’t had a pre-season like everyone else in the squad and he has had a couple of injuries too, which have slowed his progress a bit. Also there were the family problems which he has spoken about himself.

“It is a shame that has happened because Peter is a good player and I am confident that he will get more chances in the first team and that he will take them.

“It is a long season and there is still plenty of time for Peter to recapture the form that he had last season.”

Hughton finally moved on to the general mood within the squad at the moment, saying:

“The mood this week has been good, I think it definitely helped that we were coming off a good three points on Saturday.

“We had a difficult period where we were dropping points but that kind of thing is inevitable during a long season”.

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17 Responses

  1. Hmm, glad were distancing from Beckford. Speaking to some dirty Leeds supporting friends of mine, they seem to think he is moody, misses more than he scores and is over-rated.

    Loverman hasn’t had the chance yet. Its also hard to see how he is going to get his chance. Speaking of chances, Ranger should be starting with Harewood put back on the next available bus/plane/train to the midlands. I really thought he could be good for us but it appears im being proved wrong!

  2. Bobby Zamora used to score for fun when he was in the lower divisions. But, when he joined West Ham, it was a completely different story. That’s just one example among many.

  3. “Beckford? Oh no no, don’t think too much about him, he’d cost Mike some money… On the other hand our free transfer Lovenkrands, i’m sure, will suddenly, at the age of 29, find the ability to score”.

    I can imagine many a statement coming from Hughton distancing ourselves from players who cost anything. Just look at that French bloke we’re apparently close to signing on a free.

  4. Well having been rejected by the EPL, (not exactly a bright move on the part of the league, imo. an opportunity to absorb two massive teams thereby strengthening and adding to the entertainment level) both Rangers and Celtic will have to pursue a different tack if they are to survive as major clubs.
    Seems a revival of “The Atlantic League”  idea will be pursued.
    As far as I know the Idea is to take the cream  (top clubs)of a number of nations, say the  two Scots giants, plus clubs from  say, Holland, Portugal,Belgium, and the Scandinavian countries, a combined catchment area somewhere in the region of fifty million plus.
    It seems in order to achieve any TV deal that provides a reasonable return,  a large audience is the key, therefore the possible predecessor of a European league, may very well be the proposed Atlantic league.
    Now before anyone begins a critique of the proposal, it`s just that at present simply an idea with no hard and set plans.
    So just as  we know that in our future there will be a European elite league
    perhaps now is the time for an Atlantic League, a league for smaller countries that could compete in the tv market place and rival the present top leagues.

  5. ah yes worky. Another mistake by you again. You keep missing the point. Bobby zamora scored every single west ham goal the games he played in. The thing was, he never claimed them.
    He was actually voted players player of the year, world footballer of the year, premier leagues winner of the golden boot, but such is his modesty, he brought legal action against the various agencies, and made sure the recognition never got out in the public domain.
    Wiki stavers is always on hand worky to put you right.

  6. I would like to see Beckford playing for us. Harewood will go back to Villa in January thank the lord which will leave us with 3 out and out strikers in Ameobi, Carroll and Ranger none of which are prolific goal scorers and we need 4 strikers for competition and depth. Ranger will be a top striker in the near future and Carroll will get better and better but can we keep hold of him? As for Ameobi, he is a CC player nothing more nothing less alot like Chopra, Lovenkrands can play up front when all else fails. All in all we need another striker whether it be Beckford or anyone else for that matter.

  7. bit quiet on here the neet – it’s a bit to cold to go out so i’ve decided to stay in with a healthy bottle of famous grouse………help’s maintain a good circulation.

    ….i fancy Lloyd daniels & his cocker spaniels will be the next to be kicked into touch ………… x factored. 

  8. anybody watching vinnie jones on the box ?…….looks like he shared a bootle of hair dye with his mrs before he went on…….dickhead.

  9. the drinks cabinet is looking like it’s gonna need replenishing in the not to distant future & a visit to the local keeeeeebab house is under serious consideration.

    …dont think i’m happy with this – staying in being the new going out – thing…normal service will resume tomorrow without fail…

  10. soz batty , i can assure you it’s not a case of – i’m not here today and gone tomorrow , i’m here today and gone this afternoon –  i’ll square up with you later m8… where did i put those solpadeine

  11. Reading between the lines, it`s five mill. for a third level player?, even if MA opened the purse strings , a no starter.
    What you will get are loans and free agents, whoever is available, not one thin dime will be spent.