Fabrice Pancrate: “In my blood, I am black and white”.

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Is Fab fab?
Is Fab fab?
Farid Belkacemi, agent of Newcastle United’s ex PSG out of contract signing prospect, Fabrice Pancrate, has been giving the full blather about his client’s potential move to Tyneside. Pancrate’s had a three day trial with the Magpies last week, and is said (by Belkacemi) to be returning on Monday. As is usual with agents who have players out of contract (Pancrate was released by Paris Saint Germain on the 11th August this year), Belkacemi’s waffle was all ridiculously ‘over the top’.

Belkacemi gushed:

“Fabrice loves Newcastle,” adding:

“Many clubs in France want him because he is free. Nantes, Strasbourg . . . they offered him a big contract just yesterday but he says: ‘I prefer Newcastle’.

“The French don’t understand why. They say: ‘But Newcastle are not in the Premier League!’ But Fabrice loves the professional environment, the town and the mentality of the supporters.

“Of course, he is ambitious, and Newcastle is the only team in the Championship he would play for [he’s already been on trial at Sheffield United – wt], because he believes they will soon be back in the Premier League. He told me: ‘I am a black man, but in my blood, I am black and white!’

“So we fly back to Newcastle on Monday night and we hope we can sign next week. He is 200 per cent for Newcastle.”

Well I telt yez it was OTT like! Belkacemi blathered on:

“He called Habib Beye and Didier Domi, and they told him Newcastle is a good city and a great club,”

“He is also very friendly with Didier Digard of Middlesbrough who told him the same.

“Fabrice said: ‘Maybe the weather is cold, but it’s not a problem because the people have warm hearts.”

Ahhhh! But enough Gallic guff, lets take a look at the player himself.

Pancrate has also attracted interest from Portsmouth recently, where he trained in pre-season, and as mentioned above, Sheffield United, with whom he trialled and played a reserve match with local rivals, Sheff Wed. It has also been reported that he has attracted interest from the likes of Burnley and Hull City, and allegedly turned down a transfer from PSG to Everton in January

On the surface, Pancrate appears to have some similar qualities to Peter Lovenkrands, ie he’s a fairly versatile winger / striker who has no flies on him when it comes to pace. However, he usually struggled to hold down a place in the PSG first team squad in recent years, and spent periods on loan at Real Betis in Spain and Sochaux in France. He is not an especially prolific goalscorer, with around 20 goals in 188 appearances in the league alone, though full statistics were hard to find at the time of writing.

According to ‘Wikipedia‘:

“Fabrice is a good dribbler, and he uses his position on the wing to produce powerful rushes into attacking positions. He is also a force as a header of the ball, and he was one of the most dangerous PSG players in the air. Fabrice also contains a lot of speed which makes him a particularly good winger. This is in part due to his participation in track and field in school.”

As to how unbiased the Wiki assessment is, it is not known.

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66 Responses

  1. Well he does not sound anything great but if he is half as good as our last french trialist then it won’t be to bad. But if he does end up wearing the black and White then I’ll certainly give him my backing.

  2. Worky you gotta love the ‘I am a black man, but in my blood, I am black and white!’ ;) Well atleast we have had him for a trail so we should know a wee bit about his ability and attitude.

  3. Batty did you not know that Youtube is no longer our scouting partner, wiki have took over as a sort of DOF and chief scout all in one

  4. batty says:
    November 15, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    According to ‘Wikipedia‘: :lol:


    There is some good, reliable stuff on Wikipedia, however the stuff on the world’s most divisive issues, eg Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Newcastle United do get vandalised alot, and people like myself have to go in there and clear up the mess.

  5. Big Dave says:

    “Worky you gotta love the ‘I am a black man, but in my blood, I am black and white!’ “


    My favourite bit was “Of course, he is ambitious, and Newcastle is the only team in the Championship he would play for “. All that not long after he’s been trialling with, and playing for Sheffield United! :-)

  6. the French Assassin lol wondor if players get pissed off with the sh1te their agents come out with .  did you see Maradona is banned for 2 mths

  7. Yeah must admit an agents second language tends to be tripe and there first is bullshite. But these shisters “steal” money from clubs for very little end product and value for money. Look at the 5.5million in fee’s paid by Hull for two wins in thirty four.

    But let’s see if he actually pull on a black and White shirt first.

  8. Well Lads do you’s think Batty and his bro will be booted off tonight I do but im sure batty doesnt it will be hard for him having to go back to walking the streets trying to flog his big issues or silk thights

  9. Batty yeah mate they do give the Irish a bad name but they allready have a bad name lol  just aswell im not Irish buddy ;).

  10. Good players don’t usually get released and stay out of a club for this long.

    To be fair, his goal scoring record isn’t great anyway. No point in pace if you can’t finish a run with a decent cross or shot.

    As well, if he really was a much sought after player, then his agent surely wouldn’t have to spout this absolute rubbish about how much he loves Newcastle – like he’s trying to convince, win us over.

    As much as i’d see this as a signing for the sake of it (although if free transfers is all Hughton can get from Ashley then fair play to him), i’d still suggest signing Sol Campbell. Only on a pay as you play contract, with incentives for staying injury free and getting promoted, and an extra year if we stay up.

  11. No Lads Northern Ireland  (British). Batty most people class us as Irish but thats like me calling a Geordie a Mackem LOL.
    Worky no mate now this gets awkward I served in the Royal Irish Rangers, but it was a Northern Ireland Reg its in the “Royal” ;)

  12. i know eds closed down but did any 1 think his veiws changed near the end towards king kev and sir alan ?

  13. Big Dave says:
    November 15, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    “Worky no mate now this gets awkward I served in the Royal Irish Rangers, but it was a Northern Ireland Reg its in the “Royal” ;)

    Ah! I can see that now that you’ve explained, Dave (the photo’s very small). It is indeed an Irish Ranger, and he’s crouching and carrying a big gun, not wearing a big kilt and carrying a set of bagpipes!

  14. alan shearer’s has had his chance but failed to take it ….. it’s now time to move foward.

  15. Batty his veiws did change after last season and I noticed that sometimes he sounded very bitter towards KK. Its funny i would talk away to stardust no probs and I think he is a decent Fella and I admire his strenght in what he believes in. but when he slags the King I sort of take it personally dont know why.

  16. batty … we really have to move on , though i still think shaerer should have been appointed the manager i’m now fully behind hewton….it’s the only way m8.

  17. dave i have been slagged for liking stardy but who gives a fook i find the star very funny and a good crack

  18. komfy ok son best get to the doctors tomoz ask him for sumit to sort your head oot son ile take u in the mornin if y want

  19. Worky dont know if its true But what I heard was that they fell out because KK wouldn’t cut his hols short to go to Als testimonial ? as I said dont know for sure but something tells me they weren’t best buddies before that.

  20. batty …i’d sooner put vinegar in me eyes than support this regime ….SACK THE PUPPET AND PUT LEE CLARK IN CHARGE WITH TERRY MAC..

  21. I see batty,

    Yes, I did notice that Ed Harrison’s views changed a little after he realised that Keegan had tried to milk 25 million out of the club.

  22. Worky ;) he changed before that I think relegation done it for him. I worked it out  the other day on average Ed had 8-9 Edlines a day. at times they were at 5 minute intervals. Did you see Big Al having a dig at Ma in the sun ad

  23. Now now worky ;-)
    Dont really know anything about this black white guy with a strange blood type.  He dont sound to great to me but his agent can talk the talk. Sh1te.

  24. He said: “I think The Sun to British football is like St James’ Park is to Newcastle – it’s always going to be there.

  25. Big Dave says:
    November 15, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    “He said: “I think The Sun to British football is like St James’ Park is to Newcastle – it’s always going to be there.”

    Was that it, Dave? It sounds more like Shearer using the name of SJP to suck up to a tawdry lie sheet than Shearer having a go at Ashley.

  26.   is any one else dissapointed that gazza isnt going in im a celebrity he would have been great

    and on another note there is an interview with barry moat on ssn he says he would have concidered renaming st james’……im glad he didnt buy the club then

  27. Hmmm! Big Dave, and here I was, thinking  that wee sojer is a fusileer, as in N/umberland. fusileers  with their red and white feathered ture or whatever the name is.
    Must be either a newly named regiment or name brought back a name from the past, well nothing new, there are still people known as Lord this and that, having titles  associated with  places in the republic.
    Of course the  Irish pay little attention to such nonsense`s.
    Anyone consider it revealing how people choose to portray themselves, either by photo or caricature or symbol.
    What i cant get my head around is that in fact the “Royal Irish Regiment” as explained by Big Dave,   Is`nt Irish at all ?
    Bit of an oxymoron there Dave .