Smith Trotting out of Toon and does Jose know the way?

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Thinking of us?
Thinking of us?
The traditional Sunday trawl of the back pages has begun, except technically I’ve gone all modern these days and access the back pages online (partly because I’m hungover and don’t fancy the walk to the paper shop). Anyway, so what do they have to say?

Well first of all, an amusing story of Freddie Shepherd and his righteous and gallant spirit in not pursuing the two million pounds, that he claims the club owes him from his contract when Ashley took over the club in 2007. This is because until Ashley makes indications that he will be here for the forseeable, Shepherd doesn’t want to jeopardise the sale of the club. He’s all heart is Fred…….In the same article from The Sunday Sun, they also mention the latest takeover news but there is no more conclusive evidence of who the ‘new suitors’ are and it’s just speculation that it’s an Indian-based group, as is the suggestion Moat and Sheard have sat down for a chat about poolin’ resources. Just speculation you say? Well it is Sunday.

There’s also worrying speculation that two of our better performers this season, Alan Smith and Enrique are being closely monitored. It’s claimed that Steve Bruce wants Enrique at the unwashed and both Bolton and Everton still have their beady eyes on Smudger. Both lads have impressed with their efforts this year and it would be an unpopular move as it stands to cash in on these two but it’s inevitable that Premiership clubs will be looking at them after a good start.

There’s also further rumour that we’re keeping tabs on Malmo’s Nigerian striker Edward Ofere following speculation in the News of The World, with the same player now claiming Moat is primed to takeover (I know, I know). So again, not a lot to write about and a week ahead now to prepare for our visit to the City Ground as we take on Nottingham Forest. Hopefully, the break will work in our favour and we can get back to winning ways as the players can just focus on getting ready for Saturday. Unless of course we get taken over in the meantime……

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49 Responses

  1. Nice summary BBM.

    Who knew Fat Fred had such “Nobility” about his paunchy person! We should be “Honoured” he’s tempering his wrath!!

    News of the World also states Moat’s supposed frustration with Llambias choosing now to disappear off on holiday. Although quite why that useless meatsack needs to be around for any takeover is beyond me.

    Good luck with the hangover! Two Nurofen, cup of Tea and a massive bacon and fried egg sarnie and you’ll be singing and dancing in no time!

  2. I slept with Baby Spice last night…..

    Whassamatta?? It’s about as near the truth as the garbage in the Sunday papers – and potentially more interesting…..:)

  3. Good old Freddy! I wonder if he he really believes that the fans like him and that we all think his decisions were great? Maybe he’s just got very thick skin!

  4. Does anybody actully know when Derek Lame-arse is back from his holiday in Mykonos?

    He has the keys for St James’ apparently.


  6. Excelsior says:
    October 11, 2009 at 6:17 pm
    I think Proud Geordie “Shoud” club together and buy himself……a dictionary.

    ….and a new keyboard as his CAPS LOCK is stuck!

  7. Blimey!! There’s poor Stard…erm I mean Proud Geordie trying to liven things up, and everybody get’s on their grammatical high horses…..

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Star…erm Proud Geordie “Boycoutts” this blog after this……

    Hardly an inspiring welcome….it just doesn’t add up

  8. Yeah, can see people wanting Smith and Enrique, but think it`s mainly paper talk.
    As for the duo of Freddy & Moat, that would really be “out of the frying pan and into the fire”
    Proud Geordie ?
    Gotta be a put on, nobody`s that dumb.

  9. Actually PD’s spelling is phonetically impressive.

    I’m getting too old for heavy drinking and the hangovers seem to be getting worse.

    Nowt worse than working Saturday either. Feels like the weekend has just started…….

    I’d be gutted to see either Smudge or Enrique leave but there’ll be some casualties in January, when the window opens.

  10. If we’re keeping tabs on this player and he says Moat is destined to take over, then let’s put 2 and 2 together and assume we’ve had some contact with the player and he knows about the sale.

  11. bowburnmag says:
    October 11, 2009 at 9:03 pm
    Assuming Ashley is still here then….

    I see subconsciously you’re resigned to him stayin then BBM?

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one he’s ground down.

  12. Stu – aye, I probably have.

    batts – yeah, hangin on in but hitting the hay shortly. Big week ahead.

  13. Big week work-wise and Toon-wise. Current projects to finish and new projects on the horizon. All the while the Toon will step closer to a sale.

    I feel it in my blisters.

  14. Aye ya probably right Batty.

    But remember his is the only actual bid on the table.

    But anyway, glad the Pussycat Trolls got voted off X Factor tonight.