It has to be Nile by a country mile for a start on Saturday?

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Plenty in reserve!
Plenty in reserve!
There are plenty of things going at St James’ Park at the moment. Some of them have an indirect effect on events on the pitch, and others slightly more direct. One of those which is plainly obvious to some of us, is the direct effect the exclusion of Nile Ranger is having on Newcastle’s first team affairs.

Surely it’s no coincidence that the last three games have been relatively fruitless as the young striker has sat as a frustrated spectator on the bench?

Of course, the beginning of Ranger’s end as a regular starter was the QPR game, and ironically the new boy’s arrival and his replacement that day, Marlon Harewood, came on to grab a valuable equaliser. But since then, Harewood has had more involvement and along with Carroll and Lovenkrands have occupied the front position(s), leaving Ranger with the odd ten minutes at the end.

It’s easy to be quite literal and say Ranger hasn’t actually scored but for me, Ranger offers far more than the other strikers and is more valuable overall. I’ve waxed lyrical before about his attributes but it has been glaringly obvious that his movement, desire and ability to bring people into the game are sorely missed. And he has already proved, once he breaks his duck he will almost undoubtedly score goals for fun.

Of course, the argument from some will be that we don’t want to rush the kid and burn him out, but my counter would be that he should start and come off when he tires. And arguably, he’s only looked tired right at the end, which is natural at this stage of the season.

Chris Hughton has a tough task ahead of him, convincing Newcastle fans he is the right man for the hotseat, after getting the offer coming off the back of recent results. I think he’d be doing himself and us all a favour if Ranger starts against Doncaster.

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15 Responses

  1. BBM
    I agree Ranger should start. Wholly unimpressed with Carol, don’t know how he gets a game, he seems to spend more of the match on his backside.

  2. I would play Carroll and ranger. Lovenkrands and harewood have done nothing. Why did houghton change a winning combination? I have yet to see harewood control a ball! No wonder villa want rid, there is a reason he didn’t get a game there. It will be a sad day when houghton signs that contract!!!

  3. I honestly cant see Ch dropping Harewood and I think he might drop Carroll but will replace him with Lovenkrands. I would love to see him get a start and think when he gets his 1st goal, there will be no stopping him.

  4. dragonera spouting the same old crap as he does on every other blog he ventures on , change the record man you’d send a glass eye to sleep !. put your anorak on and take a trip over to kings cross station with your little jotter and take a few train numbers down you boring get !.

  5. Ahh, A blog to comment on that doesn’t involve MA or KK or the sale of the club. Yes I know they are in the news but it is actually nice to talk about what is happening on the pitch instead of the off field dramas..
    I would love to see ranger start.. the striking partnerships in the past few games have been fruitless, so it can’t hurt to give him a go. I agree BBM, once he nets one, it will be all systems go. The midfield were also scoring more goals whilst he was on the park. He definately brings the players around him into the game. We really need a win this weekend to steady the ship..

  6. Ranger for me too BBM – probably with Lovenkrands. Carroll would be my last choice – touch like a donkey – head like a chicken.

  7. Ranger and Carroll are our 2 best forwards and play well together.
    I’ve said before, Ranger forages back better than Harewood and in some instances makes up for the woeful lack of pace in midfield.
    However, given that it was the puppet who signed Harewood, I doubt we will see our best pairing starting the match.

  8. Dragonera says:
    October 22, 2009 at 10:39 pm
    If it means Carroll gets dropped then i am all for it.
    <<<<<spouting the same old shit i see and ur mucker backing u up as per usual

  9. Carroll and Ranger for me please. From what little I’ve seen of them both, this season, they seem to be our best bet. Play lovenkrands just behind them, in what I like to term the Beardsley position, and have big Marlon as a third striking option to bring on if we are behind and go 4-3-3.

  10. how come everything stardust suggests is clueless? Carroll last choice? Get a grip you little twerp! After harewood? Lovenkraands? Lets get one thing straight. You ve never been right about anything football related. I say, our best strike force was always cole and beardo. You say, george riley and tony cunningham! For saturday, i say ranger and carroll. In the words of dj talent. I say carroll, you say marlon, the toons got talent, im dj talent.

  11. troy stavers says:
    October 23, 2009 at 9:22 am
    how come everything stardust suggests is clueless?

    Maybe the answer is in your question, Troy! Just remove the words “everything” and “suggests”


  12. troy stavers says: “how come everything stardust suggests is clueless?”

    I asked this very question of a bishop who happened to pass by on a bicycle while I was walking the dog this morning. He reckoned it was ‘past sins’ but I reckon there’s a scientific explanation.

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