Fire sale over, says Hughton.

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Hughton confident fire sale over. Very confident.
Hughton confident fire sale over. Very confident.
Chris Hughton has told The Journal that he thinks the fire sale has ended and that no more players will leave before the transfer window closes on Tuesday.

Hughton said:

It would be wrong of me to say it would be an impossibility anybody could leave, but I would be very confident – very confident – of keeping what we have. Very confident.

I certainly don’t think there have been the offers that have been put around (in the media), that’s for sure.”

Hughton has apparently pressed for more players. He said:

I think my concerns are being heard.

The club are aware of the position we’re in.

I would be hopeful we can add to the squad as soon as possible.The decisions on who comes in and at what stage will be made by the club, we’re just hopeful that come 5pm on Tuesday we’ve brought in the players we need to bolster the squad. What you want is your ideal squad now, but there are other issues at this club (regarding its ownership) and arguably bigger issues.”

So if we’re lucky we might get a few more players on loan before 5PM on Tuesday, although I very much doubt we’ll actually buy any players.

I’m actually enjoying the on-pitch stuff this season. It’s great to see an enthusiastic squad winning games – which is such a change from last season – and there’s also a strange excitement about playing Championship opposition. I hope it continues after the transfer window closes when the bigger players have to truly resign themselves to Championship football and that injuries to the threadbare squad don’t ruin our season.

The club will never be settled while Ashley remains in charge but if the team keep producing performances like they have done I think we can still squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of this season.

Players gone this season: Owen, Viduka, Martins, Edgar, Lovenkrands, Cacapa, Nacho, Bassong, Beye, Duff.

Player in: Simpson on loan until January.

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5 Responses

  1. here here about enjoying this season…
    the club was rotten and it has done it some good to be relegated – we had got too big for our boots and got what we deserved!!
    The feeling on the street is what i like, i feel that this season could get people falling back in love with the club again, as i for one (someone who has sold his season ticket for the past 6 seasons until this season) im getting that feeling back like when i first started to go to the match, and long may it continue!

  2. if they bring players from premeship we are safe but i just heard they want to bring vahuian who has been the s…dest player sindce 2007 season.w hay dont they bring players from brazil or argentina they r cheeper and more talented u can see jonas even before jonas ASPRILA but they bring players like xico and gonzales who havent been sucees full in europe