Newcastle United – News Roundup – 26 July 2009

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Bobby's "Legends' game this evening at SJP.
Bobby's 'Legends' game this evening at SJP.
Well somewhat predictably, one of the top stories today has been United’s 6 -1 hammering by lowly Leyton Orient, a game which I attended and wrote a match report about. Our caretaker manager, Chris Hughton was right to describe the game in the post match interview as “disappointing and embarrassing” , with Coloccini, Enrique and Nolan being the worst of a throughly bad bunch. Only perhaps Beye and Martins came out of the game with any kind of credit, with Gutierrez, Duff and Taylor, and perhaps Carroll, after he came on, being the ‘best’ (a highly relative phrase in this case) of the rest in a truly awful display.

Further quotes from Hughton on the game included:

“We didn’t win and we didn’t perform.”


“There are ups and downs in football and this was very much a down.”

It certainly was.

The North East’s ‘Sunday Sun‘ wrote of the game:

“Even after nearly four weeks on the training ground with former defender Chris Hughton, they still have one of the crumbliest, flakiest defences in the world. Sometimes when they were hob-nobbing with the Premier League big boys, the Magpies’ aerial failings were not exposed as ruthlessly as they might be.

“But the Football League’s tough cookies will have no qualms about launching the ball into Newcastle’s area at every available opportunity. Certainly not if they watch the video of this pre-season friendly.”

True enough in this case, with Coloccini and Enrique in particular being truly execrable. As mentioned above though, Beye alone tried to keep things together, and was by far the best defender in a thoroughly bad lot.

Of course, Sir Bobby Robson has also been in the news with his ‘Legends’ game, a recreation of his epic 1990 World Cup semi final with Germany, and also his comments about Alan Shearer.

Newcastle United’s official site has reminded those intending to go to the game to get there early, as the venerable Sir Bobby will be on the pitch at 5.45pm, half an hour before the kick-off to meet the players, so be warned!

On the Shearer issue, Robson was quoted in a media interview for this evening’s game. He said:

“It’s great that Alan can play but I’d have preferred to have him involved at Newcastle United because I believe we need a strong manager for the next five years,’

“But Newcastle’s loss at the moment is my gain and I’m thrilled he is with the England Legends team. I tried to sign Alan for Barcelona, but he came back home to Newcastle instead.

“Thankfully, I was able to be his manager later on at St James’ Park and he was a model professional, as well as a great captain and centre-forward. Next, I expect him to be a great manager, and I hope it’s with our club, Newcastle.”

The Sunday Stun are also carrying yet another takeover story, “United’s overdraft fear for prospective buyers”, which is the usual, ill-informed tapestry of guesswork and stating the bloomin’ obvious. In one part they state that Newcastle United’s much loved ex Director of Football, Dennis Wise is still an “Estimated £20,000 a week”. Last week this was estimated to be £30-35,000 per week.

Time to go before I scrape the news barrel even further.

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5 Responses

  1. Worky, I know none of us have any idea what is happening at the moment regarding the sale etc, but if you had to predict the likely situation at SJP in a few months time what do you think?

  2. Deb,

    I think that issues which go beyond the poor stewardship of owners like Shepherd and Ashley may still continue to haunt the club unless we all wake up and deal with them soon.

  3. While I agree to an extent that some fans needed a wake-up call, I honestly believe this last 12 months has been just that.

    Most who weren’t aware that they were over-expectant and perhaps not humble enough, certainly are now.
    Not that I believe they were a majority but there will be far, far fewer numbers now.

    Of course that’s irrelevant if this current situation carries on, which it might do until we’re heading into Christmas and god forbid, beyond and into 2010.

    I’m off to look for that third and untouched bottle…..