Runners and Riders.

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Rick Porky Parkinson - can his legs carry his weight over the line?
Rick Porky Parkinson
Well another day, another buyer is announced.  Who as the runners and riders emerge into the paddocks, who will we see be presented with the winners medal.

So far the horses to emerge into the paddock:

Local businessman Rick “Porky”Parkinson emerge from the shadows, backed by a group of 4 other local businessmen, reports suggest they “intend” to make an offer of 90m and have a 60m war chest for restructuring and transfers.

Fat Freddie Scrapyard, believed to be backed by a middle eastern consortium, personally I find it hard to believe that any man would do business with this man, and anyone doing so must be more shifty than him!

Profitable Group – a credible contender IF it isnt a PR stunt. They seem to have a perfect set up and speak in platitudes, but actions will speak far louder than words there. Could be used to great effect to tap into far eastern markets.

Omani – which conveniently fits with “Toon Omani Toon Omani” I hope they get it.

South African Banker “Toon South African, Toon South African” doesnt have the same ring, I hope they don’t get it.

So what are the odds on the above horses, no one knows, or are there any horses at all – are they just show ponies? Time will tell.

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63 Responses

  1. stardust do u no out about who the south africans i tried lookibg up rich szouuth africans but i didnt get very far

  2. Sorry Beye – I dont – I just thought its be a fun thread for the day, might as well take the micky out of them all to block out the pain of not knowing lol.

    There are a good number of very wealthy South Africans though, but its more likely a consortium than an individual. I say that as the banks are still fragile but recovering, and the more the backers put in the more comfortable the bank are to lend (shame the Spanish Government wouldnt adopt us as an outpost)

  3. Sorry for my pathetic photoshop work, I just thought it was funny. Porky to his mates now lol.

  4. *If* it isn’t a PR stunt, my money would be on The Profitable Group.

    I’d be surprised if FFS can get the financial backing he needs, but there’s always a risk some mug might be persuaded by him.

    Of course we don’t know if any of them have proven they can afford the £100m yet and got past the first hurdle.

    I wonder how much Ashley will really take?

    He claims the first to offer £100m wins but what if nobody does? Will we have the fiasco of him taking the club off the market again and say: “Sorry chaps, couldn’t sell, but I’m 100% for committing to NUFC and rebuilding it. Who wants a pie?”.

    Which we’ve heard before of course. Or will he drop his price and take £90m or £80m.

    I just fear that Ashley could be incredibly stubborn about this price.

  5. To be fair Hugh, if Porky Parkinson has made it known 90m, therefore (wish I could use three little dots) he will pay 100m. Ashley doesn’t need to move from that. He will use the threat of other bidders, and the first over the finish line to get it quick time and force it out of them – then we will see just how much they want us.

    Like I say it will also show if the are serious or show ponies, its a good tactic as it will show him quick time if he needs to re-evaluate.

  6. If I was buying NUFC now I’d be trying to get it as cheaply as possible, knowing that Ashley’s desperate to clear off.

  7. It depends on whether or not you know the other parties are serious and what their background and wealth is, and what you background, motives and wealth are.

    I have always maintained – Ashley bought us as a lifestyle investment not a financial one – hence the lack of due diligence, he simply wanted us for enjoyment – oh how he must rue the day lol

  8. such an insignificant amount BBM – it wil go to 100m, if the bids were 60 or 70 he would be forced into it, I think he will get his price – if they are real horses not show ponies.

  9. If I were Ashley I’d be confident in getting my £100m. Obviously lower offers would be made on the off chance that he would accept, but it could go higher than £100m if there is a bidding war.

  10. To be fair the last buyer lined up was a US buyer(s) taken down by the Madoff scandal – it depends on how exposed they were, they could be real contenders again.

  11. Personally I don’t want a buyer who was taken down by a “Ponzi” scandal, or a land scam group, or a sleazy and repugnant, racist scrapman, or a group of human rights abusing potentate scum from Abu Dhabi. Am I too fussy? :-)

  12. worky

    you will definately need to lower youre expectatipons as there is a lot of wealthy people that have made money that way

    all we need is a fairly rich owner that will make good decisions

  13. Martins has just been quoted ““If the club decide to sell me I have no choice but to go.

    “But my aim is to stay and help get Newcastle promoted next season.

    “I love living in Newcastle and there are few better places to live and play.

    “I know the club is for sale and that is hard for the fans.

    “Yet I hear there could be some light at the end of the tunnel eventually.”

    Not bothered about him staying or going, but it appears the players are being kept informed of the sale.

  14. stardust thats good if we can keep jhim hell tear the championship apart

    he is worthy of the no 9 shirt just simply for showing that loyalty

    its also nice what he said about newcastle especially as he lived in milan

  15. If he agrees to lower wages – which I doubt he would do – I would love to keep Oba.

  16. Although I think this could just be a way to get him more money – remember the bother we had when buying Barton, the money he was owed for not asking for a transfer? I hope that isn’t true though.

  17. even if we do try to sell him it does not mean he will go. someone has to be interested in him first.

  18. I like Martins. He has bags of talent, although I will admit he’s not the ‘finished article’ yet – sometimes he leaves his football brain at home.

  19. is it as easy as telling him to bring it with him to fix it Hugh?

  20. For me he breaks down the play far too often far too cheaply and he is not a player I would build my team around, having said that when a teams confidence is up – we may see greater things.

    His statement could equally mean, that if he is sold he gets compensation – but it did appear to have sincerity about it.

  21. Yes, ESAMIM, perhaps if he tucked it in his sock before leaving the house he wouldn’t forget it.

    And you don’t get tips like that when you’re taking your coaching badges.

  22. Nobody else will pay him the £70k a week. That’s why he wants to stay.

    Or am I being cynical?

    He misses a lot of chances as well. He will get more chances in the fizzy so he might be an asset.

  23. Worky

    I don’t hold grudges, they only effect the grudge holder.

    We obviously don’t see eye to eye and probably never will but hey ho.

    Although I don’t agree wih Stardusts comments, he’s entitled to them (I wish he would feel the same about other bloggers)

    My only issue with him is how he acts very arrogant, pompous and above himself with some bloggers who are obviously less eloquent than him.

    In my limited life experience people with such arrogance are the ones who don’t really have much to be arrogant about and vice versa of course.

    Probably why he works FOR ‘HNWI’ instead of actually being one….

    But we have one thing in common- This bloody mad house that is NUFC!

  24. Stuart – you assume far too much – I dont work for anyone. I have a number of companies that directly deal with HNWI and UHNWI. They are my only customers.

    As for arrogance, it may come through that way on a blog however I am fun and outgoing, far from arrogant – those who work with me can speak for themselves on that front – you have misread confidence in my own ability as arrogance, though like I say I accept I can appear to be on a blog.

    And you’re right – we will probably never get on – you limit your thoughts to a line 1mm thick, I take in all facts and the reasons behind decisions of all involved – I am not partisan- we are diametrically opposed – but hey ho – thats life.

  25. Fight, fight…

    I think what both of you meant to say is that you agree to disagree. That you respect each other’s opinions and will strive to maintain positive contributions to this blog.

    Am I right?
    H’way, it’s the weekend!!

  26. This is just a farcical situation, and it’s totally demeaning for wor club. The Mackems are just going to be loving this spectacle. I’m putting “The Samaritans” on speed dial if this continues for much longer!

    We’re the kind of club that is attracting the wrong kind of people. We need to be more like Aston Villa.

  27. Well Stuart, Stardust. I think that we should just put things behind us from the “other place” and let bygones be bygones.

    Stuart, you have been really good on this ‘blog. Thanks (from myself anyway).

  28. hopefully we will find the right owner. providing we do that and come back up our club will be better for it.

  29. Stardust: “I am fun and outgoing”

    Have I logged into a dating blog by accident?

    Hugh (vwe)

  30. lol Stuart.

    Regarding moronic owners, I think it goes beyond that. We have some kind of karma that attracts trouble, whether it’s owners making dodgy decisions, managers making dodgy decisions, and even us fans making dodgy decisions. We shouldn’t just focus on owners, we should unravel ALL the threads that have made us such a mess. They may even lie in happier times like the “Entertainers” period.

  31. Outgoing, caring male, 30+ looking for fun with responsible, ambitious billionaire owner and passion for football.

  32. Hugh de Payen says:
    June 12, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    “Have I logged into a dating blog by accident?

    Hugh (vwe)”

    Hugh, that’s what they all say! ;-)

    Especially when it’s the kind of sites that have things like “VWE” on them!

  33. That’s a particularly lovely pullover he’s sporting. I used to love my chain link sweaters…..

  34. Bowburn, have you ever heard of his Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen? He owns three major sports clubs; a football team, an American football team, and a basketball team. He’s like Randy Lerner, but with 20 times as much money. He’s a superb club owner, and he’s been linked with a purchase of Southampton in the past.

    He’s the kind of person I want to buy wor club, not the shower of s**t we’ve been associated with so far.

  35. I have mate, yeah. Some of you good fellows mentioned him not long ago and before then I was talking to some knowledgeable non-Mags I’ve gotten to know on another forum. They were very complimentary about him too.

    That’s what you really want. An enthusiast and someone who actually understands the game. As much as his overall management of the club was poor, Ashley has always given me the impression that his understanding of the actual spectacle/game itself was poor. And obviously the two are intrinsically linked to an extent.

    By all accounts, Paul Allen is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, ambitious and loaded.
    Anybody got his number?

  36. Could we appeal to Bill Gate’s philanthropist nature do you think? At the end of the day he gives billions away to the needy each year and no-one can deny we are very needy of someones care, attention and money!