I predict a riot.

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S.S. Toon yesterday.
S.S. Toon yesterday.
Sorry, I don’t know why my article headlines are inspired by the music industry. I guess there are many fitting titles out there for the current state of the club, come to think of it. Anyway, that’s not where this is going.

Look back two years to the month – June 2007 and Mike Ashley buys Sir John Hall’s 41.6% stake in the club and before you know it, he’s bought up the whole lot by July. Our new incumbent looking to the future with an impressive CV, ambition, fresh ideas, a loaded wallet and here to have fun apparently. Oh how did it all go so horribly wrong?

There have been enough debates and discussions with regards being where we are right now. Some blame Ashley, some blame Keegan, others blame the fans and probably a fair mix would point the finger of blame at all of those playing a part. But whatever your thoughts, the popular opinion is that there is only one way forward. Mike needs to get out of dodge, pronto. So the sale of the club is welcomed. It is most definitely the way to go and we’re quite happy to overlook the old adage “better the devil you know”, simply in the hope that once Ashley goes we can begin a healing process. Personally, I didn’t trust or particularly like Ashley but I was more than willing to give him a chance and though he has ruined my football club, I’m actually quite disappointed he’s turned tail so easily. Whatever respect I had for the bloke has disintegrated. He’s made a dirty great mess and he’s going to let somebody else clean up after him.

And so, to the point of this waffle….we’re officially for sale. How do I know this? It says so on the official website. And how can people apply for the club? Via email. The comic value of that official statement will stand the test of time. We will pay for that for years. Of all the mismanagement, miscommunication and shoddy business acumen displayed over the last two years, a comedian would struggle to find a better way to epitomise the whole sorry episode.

Nevertheless, it is what it is. We’re for sale and it would appear that appropriate suitors are homing in on us. The question on everyone’s lips is – how soon is now? Time is of the essence and despite the depths we’ve plumbed, it could actually get worse before it gets better unless something is done about the ownership sometime soon. We will be miles off the pace in terms of readiness for the season and will play catch up for the whole campaign.

We are a Championship side now, so our value and our appeal has decreased relatively. Was it the price that put people off last time they tried to sell us? If so, then this “all in” figure of £100m could be just the carrot that potential buyers needed despite our fall from grace. What happened to the loan Ashley gave the club to clear the debts? Is that being wiped? In their statements, that is what the club/Keith Harris’ company implied so far. God help them if all is not as it appears and this delays or scuppers a possible deal. Many Newcastle United fans lost patience a long time ago and further ineptitude or dishonesty during this phase would surely light the touch paper?

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35 Responses

  1. Quite so.

    Ashley still has the power and while he does I’ll be nervous that some petty demand or idiotic condition imposed by him could delay or even scupper the sale.

  2. BBM – a friend of mine was at a john Berresford talk in last night. JB rekons that the fall out with KK was in the main about 2 things, Wise was meeting the players – Keegan wanted to do that. But the main thing was Keegan sanctioned Milners sale, everyone thought Schweinsteiger was a done deal, and Keegan had agreed to Nacho and Xisco coming, but he was flabbergasted when he found out what Wise had paid for him as it had came out of his budget not out of a junior budget. He thought Xisco would only cost 500k.

    I am not sure if thats true as all Ashley had to do was put a limit on the amount Wise could spend without ratifying it with KK.

  3. Stardust – makes sense I guess? I think you could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice in the press conference that KK was genuine in saying that the money for Milner was a good deal (providing we had a replacement). I can’t see that he would have been miffed with getting two more squad players for next to nowt but it’s still clear he was unhappy that there were holes that hadn’t been filled and then the Schweinseiger episode. It implies that his frustration at Nacho and Xisco coming in was more to do with the fact there should have been more through the door. Not that either of those two have covered themselves in glory like (lack of opportunity notwithstanding). Justifiably frustrated, surely?

  4. Anyway, done and dusted with article writing. Off for me tea and a spell in front of the goggle-box. No doubt I’ll be back on later.

  5. I never understood why they thought Schweinsteiger would come, he’s a first team player for Bayern Munich.

  6. bowburnmag – I’m going to paint that in big letters across my bedroom wall.

  7. So how do you get an article on here then lads?
    Just incase i wanted to write something..

  8. Aye, I got that 52. Just agreeing with your broad-mindedness.

    Girth – workey will sort you out as an author, if you give him a shout.

  9. Aye, it’s not really right to discuss one of the most highly imflamatory areas of the Second World war on here 52 times!

    Girth, send an e.mail and I’ll get back to you.

  10. You know what they say 52, if you don’t want to offend then stay away from the subjects of football, politics and religion. We can probably get away with the football bit (not that I’m in charge or could do owt about it like!!).

  11. That “Profitable Group” website has “Liverpool” and “Kop” on every page, no Toon. It’s a really amateur website as well.

  12. If you go to the Strategic Sports Investment pages, there’s a little fella with black and white stripes!!

  13. Reasonable suggestion from Dragonera on Ed’s blog –

    “The only conspiracy theory i mildly believe is that the interest from this profit company is just a farce to paint an image of NUFC being a desireable asset, which it currently isn’t. This makes even more sense upon the realisation that person’s formally of NUFC are now involved with this Profit organisation. A favour perhaps? I just don’t understand why they would constantly band about the press. It seems to go against everything ’shrewd’, and coincide with everything ‘marketing’. Look at other recent take-overs, did they do all of this before buying. I just have a feeling MA cannot sell us as nobody wants us.”

    I’m not sure this is true, however, if only because if this were the truth then the truth hurts and it’s fairly depressing.

  14. That is pretty depressing. Surely if Portsmouth can be sold, we can too though? I know we’re not in the PL anymore but we’re still bigger than Portsmouth.

  15. Easy 52, if non-Mags are reading, we’ll be accused of delusions of grandeur again. Cue a frenzy of critical posts from Pompey fans. Or maybe not.

  16. Despite the fact that we feel our club is at a particularly low ebb just now, if you look at it from an investor’s point of view things don’t look so bad.

    They’re getting a club without many debts (particularly if Ashley writes off the £110m loan); they’re getting a 50,000+ seater stadium; they’re getting a fairly large fan-base; and they’re getting a club that attracts media attention (perfect for marketing).

    All for £100m.

    The club is also fresh to rebuild with a new manager and – once they get shot of a load of the dead wood – a new squad.

    I don’t think investors see the same thing we do. I think they’ll see the potential, so I really don’t think there’ll be a problem finding interested buyers.

  17. The profitable group have some sort of tie in with Liverpool about promoting them in the south Asia.

    They spoke to us last year about something similar but obviously nothing happened.

    How you get an article on this site my Worky?

  18. They also hav a lot of links with the middle east. I oresum a lot of their clients are from that are

  19. first post, quite busy with the leaving cert in ireland nd all that!!
    great site workey at al,good articles too. creating good debate,should be fantastic once its gets a good following. btw workey schweinstieger means ‘pig mounter’ rather than ‘pig farmer’,haha!!

  20. Good to hear from you buddy. Try and get on when you can. The more, the merrier as they say.

    Reet ladies and gents, I need to hit my scratcher. Fair thee well until next time.

  21. “btw workey schweinstieger means ‘pig mounter’ rather than ‘pig farmer’,haha!!”

    Welcome buddy. It’s more like “pig supervisor” really, or “pig foreman”.

  22. yeah will do in time bbm,maybe in a week or two. until then im gonna steer clear of debate and just check in and hope things sort themselves out. patience is key(although time is also of the essence) bit of a catch 22. lost all hope and respect for ashley, what a unprofessional clueless clown. anyway thats enough for me.
    bit of a german scholar eh workey??